Why Painted Glass FX?


More people choose Painted Glass FX than anyone else. There are plenty of reasons why you can rely on Painted Glass FX for your coatings.

We have enjoyed a proud history of supplying quality coatings to thousands of Australian homes and commercial buildings.

Our commitment to excellence continues with the upgrade of our workshop, the addition of a colour selection studio, second baking oven, under cover dispatch and delivery area.

The team at Painted Glass FX continue to grow our extensive background and highly diverse field of experience in 2 pack specialty coatings with the addition of Enduro Shield, water and oil repellent coatings. We have achieved the highest accreditation and hold certificates in these applications.

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We believe quality is based on a lot of factors, products, preparation, application techniques, facilities and service.

We are committed to providing quality products and service. From the time your job arrives we check measure, inspect and wrap in a protective film eliminating possible damage caused during the colour application process. We then go through an extensive five stage cleaning procedure producing a crystal clean panel ready for paint application. Once complete we oven bake the glass to the optimum curing temperature ensuring maximum adhesion and reduced turnaround times. A final product quality inspection is undertaken prior to completion.

At Painted Glass FX we aim to simplify your colour selection experience. We have an extensive colour and product selection range to choose from with a large range of samples in stock. This provides you the option to ensure that colour creates what you envision in your home.

Product Benefits

Painted Glass FX uses two types of two pack paint systems designed for the coating of glass surfaces which have been engineered to adhere to flat and curved glass. This is achieved by a chemical bonding process that allows this unique type of adhesion to smooth nonporous substrate which conforms to Australian standards. These two systems we use allows us the opportunity to provide an unlimited range of colours and effects from solid (flat colour), super fine, course grade metallic, webbing and marbleizing backed with a 10 year warranty.

Painted Glass

We use a diverse range of products and brands that are the forefront of painted coatings and surface coating technology allowing us to provide a unique range of options from painted glass splashbacks and protective coatings. This gives us the ability to provide an extensive option in colour, design, effects and surface protection enabling that creative imagination to become a reality.

Colour Selections

We have a unique colour selections studio displaying all the latest colour and product options from the latest trends, special effects with hundreds of glass samples on display making it easier choosing that perfect product for your project.

Enduro Shield Protective Coatings

By creating a protective barrier against the corrosive effects of dirt, soap scum, lime scale and salt this helps reduce build-up of mould and bacteria. This transparent protective coating repels soap scum and grime reducing cleaning time and staying cleaner for longer. We can apply this coating to splash backs and shower screens ensuring your investment will look like new for years to come giving you peace of mind and spare time and reducing cleaning costs backed by a 10-year warranty.

Colour Matching

Our staff can assist by colour matching to almost anything in solid and metallic colours creating unique colour options. With a large data base of colours to choose from we are sure to find or create the colour you desire.

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