Frequently Asked Questions

What size panel can we paint?

4500mm x 2400mm.

What is your paint warranty?

10 year limited.

Can you colour match?

We can colour match to almost anything.

Is your paint oven cured?

Yes, all coatings are oven cured.

Can you achieve all manufacturer colours?

We can achieve most colours.

What are your turnaround times?

2 to 4 working days.

Do you have sample colours we can look at?

Yes, we have a large display range.

Can you paint a mirror look?

Yes, we can paint Black, Silver and Bronze Mirrors.

What is your mirror warranty?

1 year limited.

Do you have samples to take home?

We have a large range of samples for you to take home.

Can you paint all paint manufacturer brands?

Yes, we can formulate most colours.

Can you paint special effects?

Yes, we have a range of custom effects.

What glass type do you recommend?

(Low iron) Opti for light and pastel colours and Clear glass for dark colours.

Do you install splashbacks?

No, but we can recommend a glazier to assist you with installing a splashback.

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