About Us


The Painted Glass FX team has become a highly diverse company with 38 years combined experience in 2 pack paint coatings and glass protective coatings.

We have accomplished the highest certificates recognised in automotive spray painting, Enduro shield coating applications, Dupont advanced coating accreditation with extensive experience in special effect paint applications.

Our painting team is renowned for our abilities throughout the glazing industry. We are highly experienced in colour matching and have created a variety of custom colours for our clients. The Painted Glass FX team has an extensive background in the manufacturing process with a great history to manage and coordinate small to large projects with you in a timely manner.

The colour selections team can help to create your own unique colour palette and design concepts providing you with an extensive range of options to choose from. We are happy to assist wherever we can to provide the best options from glass type, colour selection and design options for your project or renovation.

We are a family owned SA based company with a friendly team that pride themselves on attention to detail with quality workmanship.

What We Do


One of our friendly staff can assist you with all your requirements needed for your painted glass project from glass type, colour selection, effect, design options and provide you with contacts for installation.


Painted Glass FX can assist with any requirements needed to achieve the project specifications. We have the facilities and extensive coating experience to handle large volume orders.

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We can produce these volumes in a timely manner required for meeting you and your client’s project schedules and colour requirements.

Protective Coatings

Enduro Shield acts as a permanent shield to seal the porosity of the glass allowing contaminants to reside on an easy to clean protective coating. This invisible coating which is only two molecules thick…

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…protects against staining and etching, making it an ideal solution for all glass installations.

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